Artificial Intelligence Alliance

Working with Southern Methodist University, The University of North Texas, The University of Texas at Arlington, The University of Texas at Dallas, Fort Worth-based TAMU, and the major regional chambers, the Texas Research Alliance (TRA) will coordinate, facilitate, and promote the continuing development of AI capability and implementation across North Texas.



TRA will initiate the AIA through the following activities:

  • Host virtual university capability roundtables where each university shares their AI faculty and capability.
  • Host an industry-university AI information exchange program.
  • Host a round table where the chambers present their plans for developing and promoting regional AI capabilities.
  • Work with the federal agencies (NSF, U.S. Depts. of Transportation, Homeland Security, Defense, Energy, and Education) to identify opportunities for regional proposals.
  • Work with the chambers to identify university-industry collaborations.
  • Develop academic-industry-public agency partnerships for projects to address AI use-cases.
  • Work with the chambers to organize regional conferences for AI applications and broader use.

TRA anticipates the AIA to be an ongoing effort that will continuously seek, develop, and capture AI-related opportunities for North Texas’ universities, companies, municipalities, and public agencies.


Let TRA know about your products, challenges, and services related to AI/ML. Our North Texas universities and companies are eager to engage, learn, adopt, adapt, and help apply AI/ML solutions to meet your needs.

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