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The Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex has 169 cities, 22 independent school districts, and 31 special districts. The area of the region is approximately 12,800 square miles, which is larger than nine states, and the population of the region is over 6.5 million, which is larger than 38 states.

Participation in the North Texas Center for Mobility Technologies (CMT) Mobility Proving Grounds (MPG) program makes you aware of community needs, provides demonstration opportunities, prepares you for productive interaction with municipalities, shortens your sales cycle, gives you world class marketing data and brings your products and services to decision-makers.


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To engage on any project in the Mobility Needs Proving Ground (MPG) catalogue, complete and submit the following form.

Be sure to select the correct Project ID # when completing the application. There is a section to include any questions you have. Questions will be answered within 48 hours via email.

The MPG team will respond to your submitted information with any questions to ensure you are ready for productive interaction with municipal decision-makers. Your completed application will be presented to municipal decision-makers in a pool of all companies who have responded to the need.

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