Real world projects, valuable team building experience, in a results-oriented environment


The Texas Research Alliance is committed to helping companies, non-profits, municipalities, and public agencies engage our regional research universities in senior undergraduate engineering and computer science capstone projects.

Capstone projects are an ideal way to solve engineering and development problems you just don’t have the human resources to get to while at the same time working with teams of students that may one day be your team leaders or even the CEO of your company.

Research university capstone projects provide senior engineering and computer science students with meaningful experiences in solving real-world problems. By partnering with external sponsors, students not only work on a real world projects, but also gain valuable team building experience in a results-oriented environment.

Capstone projects are one to two semesters efforts, provide full IP ownership to the sponsor, and can make use of the full range of resources at the university. Projects can range from conceptual designs to prototypes to minimum viable products. Sponsor mentors provide weekly guidance in addition to faculty mentors to ensure positive outcomes. While the costs for these projects are minimal, their positive impacts generally exceed expectations.

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