Mobility Proving Ground Program

The Mobility Proving Ground (MPG) supports municipalities partnering with advanced mobility companies to demonstrate traffic and mobility solutions in real world environments.

Why Dallas-Fort Worth?


Welcome to the North Texas Center for Mobility Technologies Mobility Proving Grounds Program (MPG). Through the MPG, you can share your projects for improvements in mobility, partner with municipalities addressing the same challenges, review and select the best companies to meet your needs and go forward to deployment with confidence supported by the results of an independent university test plan.

As you submit a project through the Mobility Proving Ground, you will be able to share, in confidence, the mobility/transportation projects you are addressing, the locations within your municipality where the solutions will be deployed, any special requirements you have developed for the solutions you seek, and whether you are open to partnering with other municipalities who share the same challenges.


Participation in the North Texas Center for Mobility Technologies (CMT) Mobility Proving Grounds (MPG) program makes you aware of community needs, provides demonstration opportunities, prepares you for productive interaction with municipalities, shortens your sales cycle, gives you world class marketing data and brings your products and services to decision-makers.

Welcome to the Mobility Proving Grounds (MPG) program of the North Texas Center for Mobility Technologies (CMT). The MPG program allows advanced mobility companies to access the mobility challenges of the 160 municipalities in North Texas and propose products and systems to meet those needs.


Municipalities submit projects. The Mobility Proving Ground (MPG) program reviews and clarifies projects. With approval, the MPG program will also engage with other municipalities to pool resources. Then, MPG reviews solutions submitted by providers and liaise between parties. Lastly, before implementation, MPG engages our research universities for robust, independent test plans to ensure municipalities get technologies that meet their needs and enables companies to share these independent third-party results. 

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